Reading the Red Center

Like the history of the US, the history of Australia commonly is reckoned on an east-west axis: Daniel Boone threading Cumberland Gap over the Alleghenies, Blaxland, Lawson, Wentworth punching through the Blue Mountains, and so on. Isern & Kelley pursue a different thread through Australian history, one tracking north from Adelaide, South Australia, through the Red Center to Darwin, Northern Territory. This is the line followed by the explorer John McDouall Stuart, the builders of the Overland Telegraph, the railroaders of the Ghan, and the truckies of the Stuart Highway.

Eventually, the Lindis line of research in New Zealand will wind down, and Kelley & Isern will shift their main offshore research interests to Australia. In the meantime, they are making preliminary explorations and studies, producing the odd paper to familiarize themselves with the terrain.