The Lindis Research Initiative

This line of research by Tom Isern and Suzzanne Kelley began with a prospectus, and the initiation of research in country, in 2001. Annual research expeditions since then have produced a series of papers focusing on specific aspects of the history of the Lindis region of Central Otago. Development of this page will detail the evolution and progress of the research intiative, which aims toward publication of a book-length regional history.

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Research Expeditions


Research at Turnbull Library, outlining topics for regional study of the Lindis, maps of the region, sources on exploration, also some scouting of sources at the National Archives; thence to Central Otago and a helicopter reconnaissance of the Lindis with Russell Emmerson; located lower Cockayne plots with Kevin O'Connor; inteviews with O'Connor; thence to Dunedin, using Thomson sources at LIZN


Beginning in Dunedin, with research at the Hocken Library and at the Archives New Zealand branch, general bibliographic, and specific reference to John Turnbull Thomson; thence to Central Otago - reconnaissance of Thomson Gorge; ascent of Long Gully to Thomson's sketching rock; up Campbell's Gulley, Northburn Station, to Leonard Cockayne's plots; examination of Tarras Church


To Central Otago, attending services at Tarras Church, also recording interviews about the church kneelers; helicopter reconnaissance covering route of Thomson in 1856; hiking Welshtown; visit to Lindis Hotel ruins and Waddie Thompson's concrete hut; thence to Dunedin, to consult Thomson notebooks at LINZ, to use Thomson materials at the Archives New Zealand branch, and do general bibliographic work at the Hocken Library


Fieldwork at historic sites of the Lindis; interviews on the Tarras Church kneelers


Commencing in Dunedin with documentary research on all aspects of the Lindis at the Hocken Library, also obtaining an interview with Jocelyn Harris (daughter of Angus Ross); thence to Central Otago to photograph the Tarras Church kneelers and collect interviews, also visit sites, associated with them


Research on "Legends of the Lindis" (Waddie Thompson, John Shadrack, and Willy Wong), along with other bibliographic work, at the Hocken Library, Dunedin; thence to Central Otago the collect interviews about (or in Wong's case, with) Thompson, Shadrack, and Wong, and to visit sites assocated with them


Research at Hocken Library, Dunedin, concentrating on papers of and assocated with Angus Ross, along with general bibliographic work; then fieldwork across Southland and Otago tracing the research travels of Ross, who followed the route of Te Puoho


Fieldwork in Central Otago to locate sites associated with Morven Hills Station, also general reconnaissance of historic sites and landscapes; attendance at the Wanaka A & P; hiking the Bendigo goldfields; thence to Dunedin, general bibliographic work in Hocken Library


Fieldwork in the Lindis, taking interviews

Following attendance at the biennial meeting of the new Zealand Historical Association, a week in the National Archives, Wellington, researching a variety of Lindis topics

Papers Presented / Chapter Outline

Learning from the Lindis