Going to College Is Scary, Too

Going to College Is Scary, Too

A Page of Legends from NDSU

The Ghost of Ceres Hall

Was listening to the radio and heard the story behind Ceres. Ceres used to be a girls' dorm and a girl that was having a lot of trouble with her grades hung herself on the third floor. Her ghost was loud and active, always running up and down the halls of the third floor, making noises and slamming doors. Finally, a candle was lit in her old room to ease the spirit, and it worked. If there was a candle lit, her spirit would quiet down. To this day a light can be seen always lit on the third floor. Or so the legend goes. That's what a guy said on Light Rock 105.

Too Long

A few years ago, down at a college in Wisconsin, a few college kids decided to have a few drinks and clebrate the end of midterms. After turning a few into a few too many the group of kids decided that it might be fun to go bungee jumping. They quickly went and got the appropriate rope and then proceeded to the top of the largest building on campus. The first one to go got ready and jumped. Unfortunatelly the rope turned out to be about three feet too long. Moral of the story, have the sober one measure the rope for you.

Kidneys on the Black Market

This one is an actual true story that has happened to many. A young woman was at the bar having a drink. There she met a young man who invited her to a party in a hotel room a few blocks away. The next morning she woke up in the hotel bathtub full of bloody ice with a note saying call 911 immediately. The cops showed up and told her that she's been a victim of the kidney knidapping. Well, apparently there is this group of people that drug college students at a party and steal one of their kidneys to sell on the black market. Kind of scary, so beware if your invited to a party where you don't know anyone.

Don't Turn on the Light. . .

This is a story that I heard from a friend who goes to Moorhead. He said it might have taken place in central Minnesota somewhere or in the Southern U.S. Wherever, it doesn't matter.

There were 4 girls studying in the library one evening. They were getting pretty tired and decided to go back to their dorm rooms and go to bed. Three of the girls lived in this one dorm and the other girl lived in a different dorm.

They decided to walk the girl home who lived in the other dorm first, so she didn't have to walk back alone. When they got to her room, she walked in first and her friends followed.

One of her friends was going to turn on the light, but the girl who lived there said, "No, don't turn on the light, I don't want to wake up my roommate."

The girl who lived there said goodbye to her friends and quietly slipped into bed. The next morning she woke up to find her roommate was murdered, and written in blood on the mirror in the bathroom it said, "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?"

Sorry if this gives anybody nightmares.

The Third Floor Window

I'm not in Mr. Isern's History class (my boyfriend is), but I have been reading a lot of interesting stories from everyone. I figured that I would tell one. This is supposedly true, but I wouldn't be surprised if any of you have heard it in a little bit different version. My cousin swore that it was true however. He heard it from his baseball coach. Anyways. . .

There once were two guys trying to get into a fraternity. The guys who were already members told them that they had to do one thing before they could pledge (kind of an induction thing). The members took them out to an old abandoned, supposedly haunted, hotel one dark night. They were then instructed to one by one go shine a flashlight in the basement window, the first floor window, the second floor window, and last the third floor window. The first guy proceeded to do so. They saw a light in the basement, first floor, second floor, but on the third floor there was no light. Everyone thought he was playing a joke so the next guy went in. They saw a light in the basement, the first floor, second floor, but no light on the third floor. The members figured they were playing a joke, but they were getting ticked, so they decided to go in after them. They made their way up to the third floor and found the room where the guys had supposedly gone to. The one guy was found huddled in the corner shivering. His hair had turned completely white! The other guy was never found. The police searched everywhere and they even used dogs in the hotel and in the woods around it. By the way the guy with the white hair never spoke again and to this day is in a nut house. Weird huh?

Black Cats

Has any ever heard the legend of the "Black Cats" at NDSU? Here goes:

During the early part of this century, the architecture students were housed in the South Engineering building (now a water fountain). The building people locked up the place after 5pm every day. It was also closed on the weekends. The students were expected to get their work done, during the building hours, which as any architecture student will tell you, is absolutely impossible. Quite quickly a group of architecture students organized into what has been known as "The Black Cats." Here is what they would do: Knowing a project had to be worked on at night, they would somehow, without anyone seeing them, unlock one of the upper-level windows to the building. At night when everyone went home, they would enter the building and get their work done. At first Campus Security would see a light on and try to apprehend the people inside, but they would always slip away, into the night, just like "Black Cats." Every attempt to catch the students ended up with the same thing, "They just seemed to dissappear into thin air," wrote one official. After many years of ceaseless hounding by the officials, they finally gave in and quite paying attention to the lights. The result of those deeds of the "Black Cats" is that now all architectural studios are usually placed in 24 hour buildings. If there is a studio that is not in a 24 hour building, one will still see the lights on, in the wee hours of the morning, because there are still a few "Black Cats" prowling.

This story was related to me by Ron Ramsey (architectural historian and faculity member of the Architecture/Landscape Architecture Department here at NDSU), in 1988.

No Face

My freshmen year I was told a ghost story about a building over at MSU.

The building is an office/classroom building. I don't remember the name but I know where it is. It started on a Friday when the construction crew that was erecting the building was leaving the site for the weekend. One of the last crewmen to be leaving had tripped and fallen face-first on a pile of bricks from 2 or 3 stories up and died. Since the man had no family and no one had seen him fall, his body wasn't discovered until Monday when the crew came back to work. It had been a really hot weekend and the body had already started to decay.

The building was eventually finished.

One of my friends used to do campus security for MSU. (MSU uses older students to do most of their campus security). Numerous other student security have turned in their resignation. All claiming to have seen the ghost of the construction worker.

One instance was on a routine patrol of campus. A door was slightly ajar. The student asked if there was anyone in the building. He got no answer. He called another student security to come for backup. They both went inside. All the lights were out. They started hearing footsteps and quickly tried to determine where the steps were coming from. The footsteps quit as the students came around a corner, but a door to a classroom was slowly closing. The security guys flung open the door. There stood a man with his back to them not moving at all. The students asked the man to come with them to them to the campus security station. The man quickly turned around and moved toward them. The man had no face.

The next morning the 2 students resigned from campus security.

(Reply) I think the building you were mentioning in your story is Weld Hall at MSU. Thanks for the story!!