Enrollment for HIST 695 Field Experience

Prairie Earth, Prairie Homes


Graduate students can enroll for 3 hours credit or for 6 hours credit. Enrollment is somewhat different, depending on whether or not you are a degree-seeking student at NDSU.


Degree-Seeking NDSU Graduate Students


Enroll via Campus Connection, as you would for any other course. Choose whether to enroll for 3 or 6 credit hours. Here are course numbers: HIST 695-01 (10932)


We also recommend you get in touch directly with either Dr. Isern (isern@plainsfolk.com) or Dr. Kelley (kelley@kindredhouse.net) about your intention to take the course. They will update you on developments and plans for the field school.


All Other Graduate Students


Welcome! It will be great to have you. We'll help you get enrolled. Write Dr. Isern (isern@plainsfolk.com) or Dr. Kelley (kelley@kindredhouse.net) to express interest in the course and obtain instructions on enrollment.



Prairie Earth, Prairie Homes