Thinking about the Great Plains


Ideas that Matter


Thinking about the Great Plains is an anthology of seventeen classic essays about life and thought on the Great Plains of North America. The scheme of this anthology is to gather together previously published essays by authors whose ideas are consequential in regional life and in what we think about it historically. Some of the essays are by historians; most are not. These are writings and people worth knowing. Here are some criteria for essays included:


1.      The essay contains ideas that matter to history and life on the plains.

2.      The essay is readable by non-specialists, but is deserving of additional attention by specialists, too.

3.      The essay has been previously published as a freestanding, article-length publication; it is not a fragment of a larger work.

4.      The author is no longer living. (Living authors are trouble.)


This collection of readings is distributed (free) to class. Essays are assigned as companions with specific lectures see the unit study guides for what essays to read when.


The link below leads to a shared folder in GoogleDrive. Locate essays there by author name.


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