PrairieFare is one of the optional assignments for HIST 431/631. To complete this assignment, you prepare a food somehow pertaining to the history and culture of the Great Plains and present it in a class session. Here are elements of the assignment.

         Identify a food that is associated with the history and culture of the Great Plains that you can make and that is practicable for bringing to class.

         Reserve a class date (by Facebook page message) for bringing your Great Plains food to share.

         Prepare enough that at least half the class can get a sample.

         Handle your own logistics (forks, containers, and so on) for serving.

         Write about your food in the PrairieFare forum of the Facebook page.

Rubric for PrairieFare


Class date reserved at least one week in advance


Prep & Serving

As per guidelines above, successfully serve your food to the class.


Matters of Style

Composition, grammar, and punctuation are important to communication.


Points Possible for Assignment



Notice that the number of points possible for this assignment, 20, is double that possible with either of the other two optional assignments. Also, there will be a prize at the final class for the best PrairieFare entry of the semester.


Deadline for forum posting: one week after you serve the food in class in class.