Lecture 12: The Community of Progress


Community life – another lecture in progress. Working from outline & notes.


Outline of Lecture

Prologue: Galleries of Community


·         Grandin Smelt Fry

·         Corpus Christi at St. Mary’s, Dazey

·         Goat Game

·         Candles at Canaan

·         Lindaas Barn Dance & Lindaas Barn Dance 2


Begin with the question: What is a community? What are your communities?


Now into prairie history: How did the settlers of the Great Plains organize themselves into communities? What happened to these communities? How do people on the plains today organize themselves into communities?




·         Urban communities

·         Rural communities




·         Farm consolidation

·         Institutional consolidation


Micopoli on the Plains


·         Carl Kraenzel’s vision

·         Renewal






Thinking About the Great Plains

Debo, Angie. Title "Writing Local History," Writer 55 (January 1942): 19-22.

The Great Plains at the Grassroots

Address to Old Settlers' Reunion, Lincoln, Kansas, 1915

"Mary White," 1921

Tommy Douglas, "The Challenge of the Times," 1955

Selected Bibliography

Kraenzel, The Great Plains in Transition


The Last Picture Show



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