Lecture 10: Fire on the Ice


Political culture of the plains, emphasis on the northern plains


Outline of Lecture

This whole lecture is in a formative stage, with the outline in transition along with content. Follow the content in class, enter into discussion, and you’ll have plenty of material for your response papers!




Elwyn Robinson’s Six Themes

“Freedom Fighter Gordon Kahl


Thinking About the Great Plains

Howard, Joseph Kinsey. “Golden River: What’s to Be Done About the Missouri?”, Harper’s 190 (May 1945): 511-23.

The Great Plains at the Grassroots

Hearing Before the Committee on Indian Affairs, Protesting the Construction of Garrison Dam, by the Fort Berthold Indians, 1945

Tommy Douglas, "Mouseland," 1961

Selected Bibliography

Morlan, Political Prairie Fire

Hicks, The Populist Revolt

Frank, What’s the Matter with Kansas


Northern Lights


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