Units for HIST 381


Read this page in conjunction with the calendar for the course. In ten of the fifteen weeks of the course, we will have one of these units as the centerpiece of our work together. A unit consists of a lecture, associated readings from our texts, and a ten-point quiz. Other days, we will be otherwise occupied. Keep consulting the calendar to know what activities are on tap.


1 Native(s?): Aborigine & Maori


2 Geography: Taylor & Cumberland


3 Discovery: Terra Incognita & Aotearoa


4 Settlement: Convicts & Pilgrims


5 Economics: Empire and Dependency


6 Society: Ashes and All Blacks


7 Politics: Commonwealth and Dominion


8 Letters: Bush Ballads to Bulibasha


9 Diplomacy: Yankee Sidekicks or Second-Class Poms


10 History: Clark and Sinclair



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