HIST 381: Australia & New Zealand

This is the home page for a course in the history of Australia and New Zealand taught at North Dakota State University by Professor Tom Isern. Students, this website is essential to your progress in the course. Everyone else, feel free to look around. Note: the course DOES NOT use Blackboard. It does, however, use Facebook as a medium of instruction, and so you need to have a Facebook account.
Admin: Goals - Evaluation - Honesty - Texts - Calendar - Professor

Assignments: Participation - Book Reviews - Film Reviews - Primary Documents - ANZAC Projects - Research Papers

Units: 1 Native(s?) - 2 Geography - 3 Discovery - 4 Settlement - 5 Economics - 6 Society - 7 Politics - 8 Letters - 9 Diplomacy - 10 History

Resources: Te Ara - New Zealand Historical Association - Australian Historical Association - National Library of Australia - National Library of New Zealand - Tucker Box (Flickr) - Tucker Box (YouTube) - WSSA New Zealand & Australian Studies - TBA

Bulletin DescriptionComprehensive, but not exhaustive, historical comparison of Australia and New Zealand. Organized topically to facilitate comparisons.
Accommodations for Persons with DisabilitiesAny students with disabilities who need accommodations in this course are encouraged to speak with Professor Isern as soon as possible to make appropriate arrangements.
General EducationMeets requirements for Humanities and Global Perspectives
AcknowledgmentsAcknowledgment and thanks are due to Fulbright New Zealand, Wellington, for supporting course development with a Programme Development Grant.