Lecture 15: Millenium


Outline of lecture—none available. This lecture does not have blue boxes and summaries.  Listen and follow along. Go with the flow.


·         What are the two types of historical explanation noted by Tocqueville? Which type is employed by democratic historians?


·         Based on Tocqueville's definitions, and on what you have heard thus far, is the instructor of this course a democratic historian?


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“Characteristics of Historians in Democratic Ages”

This chapter is concerned with how historians explain things—with causation, in other words. There are ideas here that relate to concepts I use in Lecture 15—and to the whole approach to teaching and learning History.


·         How does an aristocratic historian explain things?

·         How does a democratic historian explain things?


NASA, Apollo 11 30th Anniversary Site – historical material, including interviews with astronauts

Bowling Alone – website devoted to Putnam’s book and to the renewal of social capital in the 21st century

Film Review

2001: A Space Odyssey

Apollo 13

All the President’s Men

The Last Picture Show


McMurtry, The Last Picture Show

Putnam, Bowling Alone

Fukuyama, The End of History and the Last Man

Morris, Dutch