Taking Quizzes for HIST 103


All quizzes are administered online. They are composed and exported to the web with a program called QuestBase. Each quiz comprises a certain number of multiple-choice questions. The questions are straightforward—no trick questions, no “all of these” answers, no “none of these” answers, just find the right answer and mark it. You can only access a quiz once. You’ll have to supply a password, which is your seven-digit student ID# with pw attached to the front of it, as in pw0601627. Use the same password for all your quizzes. The quiz is timed—you get about thirty seconds per question. After you finish taking a quiz, and you hit the Submit button, you get immediate feedback; a pop-up will tell you your score. At the same time, the score is automatically reported to a grade register.


A message something like this appears at the top of each quiz:


I have studied Lecture 4, "Life in the English Colonies," and am prepared to take the quiz over it. As an online student in HIST 103, I am myself completing the quiz for credit—doing my own work. I understand that printing or saving this quiz, or otherwise sharing its content with others, will be considered a matter of scholastic dishonesty—cheating, in other words.


When the time comes, access the quizzes using this link – http://www.questbase.com/a/tom.isern


Be sure to have your password handy when you go in.


Make-Up Quizzes


Things happen, and you may not be able to take every quiz on time.  Here are the ground rules for make-ups.


1.      All make-up quizzes are given at the end of the course, during the days indicated on the course calendar.

2.      You can do two make-ups, no questions asked.

3.      If there is good reason you need to receive more than two make-ups, you will have to provide documentation of the reasons to the instructor.  Military service, personal illness, or family emergency are acceptable reasons.  Inquire of your instructor, by message to the Facebook page, what documentation you should provide.


If you are having trouble accessing or completing quizzes, be sure to make this known to your instructor, by message to the Facebook page.