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Thomas D. Isern

This is the academic home page for Tom Isern, Professor of History & University Distinguished Professor, North Dakota State University. It is provides entry to the courses I teach and other business pertinent to my work for the university. All this material is lodged with the History RFD domain on the servers of a private provider. The same provider also hosts my other websites: one for Plains Folk, the weekly feature on history and folklife of the Great Plains, and another for the Center for Heritage Renewal, the NDSU research center for historic preservation and heritage tourism.
Welcome to my world at North Dakota State University, the land grant university of the northern plains.

Tom Isern
Minard Hall 422H, NDSU
Fargo ND 58108-6050

Tel 701-799-2942

Office hours for student consultations: Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday 1-3pm (or make an appointment)

1-Page Bio / 2-Page Vita

Resident Instruction (Fall & Spring)
HIST 381: Australia & New Zealand
HIST 390: Methods of Research & Writing
HIST 431/631: The North American Plains
Hist 489: Senior Seminar

Extramural or Summer Instruction
HIST 103: US to 1877
HIST 104: US since 1877
HIST 730: Coyote Culture
HIST 710: Grassroots History
Hist 430/630: Prairie Earth Field School

Lines of Research
Australian Journeys
Learning from the Lindis
Banks of the Washita
The Whitemud Chronicles

Service Roles
Director, Center for Heritage Renewal
Group Leader for Liberal Arts, Envision 2030, North Dakota University System
Budget Review Committee, NDSU Faculty Senate
Series Editor, Heritage Guide Series, North Dakota State University Press
Chair, Development Committee, Western History Association

Editorial Boards
International Review of Environmental History
Kansas History
Heritage of the Great Plains

Current Writing
Of Land and Sky: History at the Grassroots of the Canadian Prairies, in production at Texas A & M University Press
Thinking About the Great Plains, in preparation (with Suzzanne Kelley)
Pacing Dakota, in preparation
Plains Folk, weekly radio and newspaper feature

Western History Association
Western Social Science Association
Western Writers of America
Westerners International
Center for Great Plains Studies (UNL)
Center for Great Plains Studies (ESU)
New Zealand Historical Association
State Historical Society of North Dakota
Preservation North Dakota
South Dakota State Historical Society
Oklahoma Historical Society
Kansas Historical Society

Summing up: I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in my specialties, which delve into the Great Plains and other temperate grasslands of the world; direct graduate work in regional and agricultural history; administer a research center and conduct research, as PI, on historic preservation and heritage tourism; pursue scholarly research both in North America and offshore; and keep serious service commitments to the university, the profession, and the public.