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Lodged here at historyrfd.net is all manner of documentation pertaining to the teaching and academic interests of Tom Isern and Suzzanne Kelley. They use this website as a teaching platform. Tom teaches full-time at North Dakota State University (and is director of its Center for Heritage Renewal). Suzzanne teaches courses on publishing at NDSU (and is managing editor of North Dakota State University Press). They teach residential, field, and distance-delivered courses. Some offerings they teach collaboratively.

HIST 103US to 1877IsernNDSUDistance
HIST 104US since 1877IsernNDSUDistance
HIST 381Australia & New ZealandIsernNDSUResidential
HIST 390Historical Research & WritingIsernNDSUResidential
HIST 431/631The North American PlainsIsernNDSUResidential
HIST 489Senior SeminarIsernNDSUResidential
HIST 430/630
Prairie Earth, Prairie Homes: A Field SchoolIsern & KelleyNDSUField
HIST 710Grassroots History (Research Seminar)IsernNDSUDistance
HIST 730Coyote Culture (Reading Seminar)IsernNDSUDistance
Information coming - new numbers for Dr. Kelley's publishing courses
For information about Tom's professional and freelance work not specifically pertaining to NDSU (including the public radio and newspaper feature, Plains Folk), go to Plains Folk.

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Suzzanne Kelley